TLive網購同時賺MTR 分,以換取車程優惠及更多獎賞!



TLive提供多種付款方式,讓您在家中或乘搭港鐵途中輕鬆完成交易,同時更可獲取 MTR分。 現在,當您在TLive購物時,每消費HK$1可獲得1 MTR分!

立即註冊TLive及MTR Mobile,開始您的網購之旅,同時輕鬆獲取MTR分,以換取車程優惠及更多獎賞!


1. 所有賺取MTR分之交易均透過TLive 網購平台進行 。除特別註明外,於TLive購物以賺取MTR分須受第三方條款及細則約束,詳情請瀏覽:。
2. 有關進行網購時賺取MTR分中所收集及使用你的個人資料,請參閱TLive網頁內的資料私隱通知。
3. 於TLive 消費的基本賺MTR分比率為HK$1 = 1 MTR分。使用八達通作付款方式時可享額外50% MTR分,即消費HK$1 可獲得1.5 MTR 分。
4. 個別活動賺MTR分比率將會有所調整,詳情請參閱個別推廣優惠計劃 (如有)。
-例: 觀看直播時所購買之產品可享額外一倍MTR分,即消費HK$1 可獲得2 MTR分。
5. 於TLive成功消費後,MTR分將於3個工作天內存入您有效的MTR Mobile登記賬戶內。
6. 每筆交易均不設最低及最高交易金額以賺取MTR分。
7. 有關MTR Mobile之詳情,請瀏覽:

TLive 使用教學:





TLive is a brand-new online shopping platform featuring over a hundred of selected products, including daily necessities, household items and beauty care. Here, you can enjoy a convenient online shopping experience.

TLive provides multiple payment methods, allowing you to easily complete transactions from home or during your MTR journeys, while effortlessly earning MTR Points. Now, when you shop at TLive, you can earn 1 MTR Point for every HK$1 spent!

Register for TLive and MTR Mobile now to embark on your online shopping journey and effortlessly earn MTR Points, for redeeming ride offers and other fabulous rewards!



  1. All point-earning transactions are conducted through the TLive online shopping platform. Unless otherwise specified, shop at TLive to earn MTR Points is subject to the third-party terms and conditions, for details, please visit:

  2. For information on the collection and use of your personal data when earning MTR Points through online shopping, please refer to the privacy notice on the TLive website.

  3. The basic earning rate for MTR Points through purchase at TLive is HK$1 = 1 MTR Point. Using Octopus as a payment method may earn an additional 50% MTR Points, i.e. earn 1.5 MTR Points for HK$1 spent.

  4. The point-earning rate for individual activity may vary. Please refer to the details of individual promotion and program (if any). 

    • Example: Transaction made during watching live broadcasts may earn double MTR Points, i.e. earn 2 MTR Points for HK$1 spent.

  5. Upon successful payment made at TLive, MTR Points will be credited into your valid MTR Mobile registered account within 3 working days.

  6. There are no minimum or maximum spending limits for earning MTR Points per transaction.

  7. For details about MTR Mobile, please visit:


TLive User Guide: